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Expert advice, delivered in a timely fashion and in a language you can understand.


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A tailored approach to ensure our service and advice fits your individual needs and circumstances. 


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As property lawyers, conveyancing is our bread and butter, but our broad scope means we're able to help out even if things get messy. 


Unmatched Customer Service

We care about our customers, and love helping to make an exciting time as stress free as possible. 

Why Gavel & Page Property Lawyers?

Whether you are buying or selling, either existing or off-the-plan property, our complete team of expert property lawyers has you covered for all your conveyancing requirements. 

When you go to a conveyancer for a property transaction, they can draw up all the papers and do the searches, but they are prevented by law from providing any legal advice outside the strict conveyancing process.

To better understand the implications of these technical documents and to receive advice on the process, you should ask a property lawyer to draw up the contracts or to review them. After all, this is one of the largest transactions most people will ever be involved in.

We’re proud to offer the highest quality conveyancing services at sharply competitive rates.  How?  As we are a full-service Property & Construction Law Firm, our processes, systems and technology that has been developed, allows us to reduce costs and pass those cost savings on to you.

The ultra-competitive property market in Sydney and surrounds can make conveyancing an especially complex process, and complications can arise from mismanagement or cutting corners to lower costs. Our team at Gavel & Page Lawyers, can draft and review your contracts and ensure you understand the implications of the documents, and receive expert advice throughout the entire process. 

Expert Representation Throughout The Entire Process.

Our highly skilled team of property lawyers can assist you with all your conveyancing needs, throughout Sydney and the surrounding areas. We can liaise and negotiate on your behalf with third parties, to minimise the stress of the process for you. 

  • If you are selling a property we can ensure that the contract of sale is tailored specifically to your land or property, outside of the standard conditions applicable to land sales, and ensure your interests are protected until the sale is complete. 

  • If you are buying an existing property, we will ensure that the terms and conditions of the purchase are in your favour, or at the very least fair in regards to your cooling off period, and where and how the deposit is held. We will minimise risk and clarify any uncertainties of the transaction, undertake relevant searches and attend to the final settlement on your behalf. 

  • An off-the-plan purchase has its own particular set of terms and conditions outside of buying established property. Helping you understand the clauses and conditions in these contracts is paramount to success of the purchase. Once property is registered and ready for settlement, we will undertake the relevant searches and attend to the final settlement on your behalf.

The Gavel & Page Difference

We have moved away from the infamous billable hour as much as professionally possible. We provide competitive but flexible pricing, and we focus on building relationships with our clients, not merely treating them as transactions. We have fostered a creative environment, a place where expert business, construction, strata and property lawyers want to work and provide superior customer service to each client, every step of the way. We believe that when you trust your team and give them some freedom, provide education and development, focus on the client and add a little bit of life to the mix, you can exceed expectations and build lifelong relationships. We are always looking to add colour to the grey. The fact that we have established and maintained our business purely on word of mouth referrals is testament to the satisfaction of our clients.

So What Next?

You can either fill out the form above to receive an online conveyancing estimate direct to your inbox, or give one of our on-shore expert conveyancing team a call at (02) 9150 0414 and they will help you with any questions you might have.